Join one of the largest interconnection points in Central Europe.

Aggregated traffic on all customer ports
48 h, an internet exchange point, connects telco companies, internet service providers, content and other large networks from 10 data centers across Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Statistics

3.293 Tbpstraffic peak
2x1G ports
206x10G ports
163x100G ports

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Jonas Meduna
Get direct access to TLD anycast services.

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Need for more speed? is among the first IX'es to offer 400GE customer ports. Contact our sales for more information.

The biggest internet service provider in Munich M-net just joined our internet exchange. Welcome!
Peering_czFeb 11, 2021
Our new maximum traffic record made a magical number entering a new year and peaked at 2021Gbps last night! Many thanks to all connected networks. :)
Peering_czJan 4, 2021
Merry Christmas and happy new peers in 2021!
Peering_czDec 24, 2020