Services & Pricing

With peering you save IP transit costs, improve network redundancy and latency with multiple networks. helps networks in Central Europe to exchange traffic locally.

Standard services


Connection to infrastructure at one of our data centers through 1, 10, 40 and 100GbE ports
Access to route servers
IPv4/IPv6 address
Private VLAN for bilateral peering among participants
Filtering of unwanted traffic - DDoS protection. Basic protection includes active traffic monitoring
24/7 Network Operations Center

Customer Portal customer portal offers traffic statistics and connection details including:

  • Administration of contacts
  • Access to contact information of connected networks
  • Traffic data and graphs
  • Technical service details
Additional Services


Deployment of customer HW (i.e., routers) at data centers in all locations.

Remote-hand services - remote assistance for customer facilities at TTC Teleport Prague including OOB connectivity, 24/7 remote hands with reaction time within 15 minutes.

IP Transit

IP connectivity (full BGP table) via our partner network - AS39392 Supernetwork.

Get offer for an improvement of your network

Every customer is different and approaches us with unique needs and requirements. Getting to know your network and its specifics is important to us. Send a message to our network specialists and get a tailored-made offer.

Port Prices

1 Gbps speed1 x 1 GE portPrague150Bratislava200Vienna200
1 Gbps speed2 x 1 GE portPrague190Bratislava250Vienna250
2 Gbps speed2 x 1 GE portPrague300Bratislava400Vienna400
10 Gbps speed1 x 10 GE portPrague540Bratislava800Vienna800
10 Gbps speed2 x 10 GE portPrague620Bratislava1000Vienna1000
20 Gbps speed2 x 10 GE portPrague1080Bratislava1600Vienna1600
20 Gbps speed4 x 10 GE portPrague1240Bratislava2000Vienna2000
40 Gbps speed4 x 10 GE portPrague2160Bratislava3200Vienna3200
100 Gbps speed100 GE portPrague4630Bratislava5000Vienna5000

If you would like to connect from Frankfurt, please contact

Prices are charged on a monthly basis for the upcoming provided service period.
The same prices apply for all data center locations in cities listed on the price list.
Prices are excluding VAT.